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Testing and inspection of your electrical installation

Usually required by insurance companies, these reports contain a huge amount of information about the electrical systems within the property.

Your business needs to continue to operate whilst this often intrusive work is carried out. We understand this and because of our years of experience we can often work around you, your employees and visitors without distrupting the business in any way.

We will often work out of hours or arrange to turn off power to critical areas at times to suit our client.

Reports that stand out

Due to the high volume of this type of work that we carry out, our reports tend to be of a higher quality than some others. We're often told by surveyors and project managers that they have not seen such comprehensive reports before.

You need a report that is factual, not someone's misinterpretation of the regulations. An incorrect item listed in a report can cost the client a lot of money. We understand that you are relying on us to get it right and we can and often will, back up our findings with detailed calculations, regulation numbers and previous case numbers.

Our reports will be recognised and accepted by all insurance companies and legal bodies and are based on the requirements of BS 7671, The Electricity At Work Regulations and the requirements of the NICEIC.

If your company needs a condition report on any part of its electrical installation, call us. We will visit the building, explain to you what will be required and how the report will be compiled and provide you with a free written quotation detailing which areas are to be tested and inspected.