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Car Parks

There are many makes and models of car charging ponts available for you to choose from.

L&C Installations Ltd will work with you to make sure we install the right charge point for your needs - whether it be for your customers, staff, or for other visditors to your car park.

We will identify, supply and install the correct charging solution for you and will provide end to end project management for your charge points

Why install charge points in your car park?

  • To accommodate the rapidly increasing number of electric vehicles.
  • To help to ensure that your car park is the preferred choice over others by drivers of electric vehicles.
  • To create a more environmentally friendly destination and to help meet local authority C02 targets.
  • To encourage the use of electric vehicles in your local area.
  • To help to advertise your car park by choosing for it to appear on online maps and apps that publicise charging locations.

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