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Project: Commercial property conversion


Location: Central Parade, Horley                                                                                              


Client: Black Panther Developments / Mansell Mc Taggart




We were originally instructed by our client to design and install a lighting scheme and install skirting trunking to both the client and staff area. 

Our brief was clear: Design and install a system to meet the client's needs and requirements whilst keeping within the budget and time frames allocated.

The work started on time and we worked closely with Black Panther Developments over the next few weeks. The job grew and we eventually installed all data and comms cabling, new final ring circuits, flush mounted compact fluorescent lighting and concealed batten fittings to give the required halo effect the client was keen to achieve.

The air conditioning was installed by TCS Solutions of Redhill who asked us to install the supplies and control wiring for both the internal and external units.

We installed twin 26 watt compact fluorescent lighting in the client area. This gives off little heat or glare whilst providing ample light levels.

The client specifically requested a halo effect around the ceiling perimiter. To obtain this we installed concealed 35 watt T5 fluorescent batten fittings with 840 colour rendering to match the compact fluorescent lighting.

A new distribution board was fitted with over-current and earth leakage protection provided by individual RCBO devices. We installed RCBO's to minimise downtime in the event of a fault.

A data cabinet and patch panel were installed to complete the computer and telephone network cabing we installed. This was tested and left ready for the I.T guys from Mansell Mc Taggart.

The project was completed on time and the clients were happy and satisfied with our work.

Detailed testing of every circuit we installed was completed and the client was provided with both PDF and bound copies of the test results.

Mansell McTaggart

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