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Project: Warehouse Lighting


Location: Salbrook Road, Salfords                                                                                                


Client: Graphters Limited


We were instructed by our client to design a functional high level lighting scheme for a brand new warehouse they had recently purchased. 

Our brief was clear: Design and install a high level lighting system capable of providing suitable light levels for a safe working environment whilst also enabling staff at ground level to clearly and quickly read labels on packages and paperwork.

When designing the scheme we were told that high level racking would be installed once we had finished. Our lighting would need to be positioned between the proposed racking and must not overlap due to height restrictions.

The lighting needed to be above 6m to avoid fork lift trucks lifting pallets onto the racking and also the floor to ceiling loading bay roller door.

We installed high bay lighting to the main areas and wall mounted HQI fittings where the loading bay door covered the section of ceiling when opened. All fittings were connected via lighting plugs and sockets to facilitate removal during future maintenance.

There were no restrictions on access, our own high level mobile tower was used to install the lighting and the work was completed on time and as quoted.

We were also asked to install socket outlets throughout the warehouse. We installed metal clad outlets wired using swa cabling to avoid any damage caused by knocks and rough handling.

Detailed testing of every circuit we installed was completed and the client was provided with both PDF and bound copies of the test results.