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Your privacy is important to us and we never collect more information than is needed for us to process your requirements and for us to comply with our legal responsibilities. We do not sell or pass on your information to marketing companies.

What Information Do We Collect?

When you contact us we collect certain information that enables us to provide quotations, invoices and services. This information includes the following:

Your home address

The address where you would like us to carry out the work.

Your email address

Your telephone numbers (Home. Work and Mobile)

We also store information on the correspondance we have sent you (electronically and by post), and any work we have carried out for you.

We never collect or keep credit or debit card information, bank details or other sensitive information belonging to you.

Why Do We Keep This Information?

We keep your information for two reasons. We can provide a much better service to you if we have a record of what we have done for you and when we did it.

Certain orgainisations (HMRC, NICEIC and MCS etc) require us to keep records for legal reasons.

How Do We Store Your Information and Keep It Safe?

Your information is stored electronically on our local server, the servers of our accounting system provider and on our diary and e-mail systems. The information held remotely is encrypted and password protected. Our server backs up to a remote backup facility which also encrypts all information as it is transfered. The backup facility has no access to the files we transfer and fully supports the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its mission to ensure data privacy and security for EU citizens.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

We keep your information for a minimum of 7 years to comply with HMRC requirements. If we don't hear from you for 12 months or more we archive your customer records on our system. Archiving does not remove them but does stop them from showing up if we make a general search for your details.

Do We Pass On Your Information To Third Parties?

We do not sell your information or provide marketing companies with your details. We do pass on certain relevant information to comply with our legal obligations to you and HMRC. This enables us to compile tax and vat records, building compliance certificates, warranties and installation certificates.

Your Right To Access The Information We Hold.

You have a legal right to see details of your information that we hold. You may also ask us to delete this information.

We will comply with your request to delete as much as our legal responsibilities allow. We cannot delete financial or other legal information for a minimum of 7 years.