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garden lightingBring the garden into your home

No matter what size garden you have, we can turn it into an extension of your home simply by adding the right kind of lighting.

You don't have to floodlight the area, but we can do that too if that's what you want. Instead you can create ambience and warmth, highlighting areas which might otherwise be dark holes in the night.

This type of lighting is superb for parties or just for sitting outside on a warm night. It won't upset your neighbours and it certainly won't look like Colditz.

Remote control switching

Perhaps you would like to control which lights you switch on and when, but the logistics of all that wiring and switching are holding you back.

We install wireless switching systems, from keyfobs to switches that look identical to the others in your home. Up to four channels are available on the fobs. See our case study below:


I just want a security light

No problem, we are happy to carry out all types and size of project. Call us to arrange a free quotation.

Case study

In 2010 we rewired a large riding stables and sand school. This was a big area in a rural location.

The owners had, in the past suffered from thefts of equipment and vandalism and were concerned about walking around the area in the dark, waiting for conventional security lights to pick them up.

We installed both functional lighting which is mainly used by stables staff and high level security lighting.

Because of the areas to be illuminated, conventional detectors would not have worked, the area was too vast in places and foxes, rabbits etc would have constantly tripped the system.

Our answer to this problem was to install wireless receivers in each area, linked to the functional and high level security lights and operated by fobs on the owners keyrings.

The owners can now stand in any part of the property, whether it be the house, in a stable or even in the middle of the sand school and with a push of a button, turn on every external light, illuminating the entire stable and sand school areas. This has increased their security and peace of mind and hopefully reduced the number of unwanted visitors.


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