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Fuseboard Replacements

If your home was built before 1990, you should consider having your consumer unit (fuseboard) replaced. This doesn't mean that its not safe, it just doesn't provide the level of safety currently offered by newer units.


Does your existing consumer unit have an RCD and if so, do you ever test it? These devices are designed to operate very quickly in the event of a fault or if someone comes into contact with a live part.

The RCD is a mechanical device and the tripping time will be severely restricted if the components haven't moved for a number of years. If the device operates within 40 m/s (domestic 30 m/A device) there should be no more than 50 volts flowing before the power is disconnected.

Circuit breakers or rewireable fuses?

Rewireable fuses do a fantastic job and continue to do so. In the right application they are the safest and most reliable option, but what about in the home?

Lets get this myth out the way right now: Rewireable fuses are not unsafe and do not need to be replaced as a safety issue unless there are specific reasons given.

They are prone to misuse. There is no way to see if it has blown without removing it from the fuseboard and they can be very fiddly to repair.

Miniature Circuit Breakers (mcb's) are easy to operate. You can see immediately if one has tripped and they are designed to fit all modern consumer units.

Look at your fuseboard

Take a look at your fuseboard next time you are near to it. If its wooden, has rewireable fuses or no RCD, it may be worth considering a replacement. If you are in need of some alterations or additions, the chances are that it will need to be changed at that point anyway.

Since January 2016 new fuseboards in residential properties are required to be of steel construction. This change follows recommendations from Fire Services across the country and provides a fire barrier in case of faults within the enclosure.

L&C Electrical Installations are experts in the replacement of all types of fuseboard and we would be very happy to provide you with free advice or a written quotation for this work.

We only provide quality materials, and usually fit MK domestic fuseboards with dual RCD's and miniature circuit breakers. Other options are always available.


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