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heat1Boiler Control Wiring

We have been wiring heating controls for over twenty years and are very skilled in this area.

Electrical faults within heating systems are common and we are usually able to diagnose and carry out repairs quickly. Where the fault involves opening a boiler casing we call in one of our Gas Safe plumbing and heating experts to assist.


Air / Ground Source technologies

These newer, green technologies require more electrical wiring than conventional systems. We have been working with these systems since 2010 and are confident in our ability to connect any system.

Bespoke systems

Perhaps your system is a little more unusual. Your heating engineer may have created a masterpiece for you which requires a little more thinking about than a standard system.

We love a challenge and are confident that we can wire and connect whatever system you have, even if it's a one off.

If you are a plumber, heating engineer or homeowner with a heating system that needs to be wired or repaired, call us to arrange an appointment.

NIC Approved Contractor

01293 415740

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