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EV Commercial and Office

There are many makes and models of car charging ponts available for you to choose from.

L&C Installations Ltd will work with you to make sure we install the right charge point for your needs - whether it be for staff, customers or other visitors to your building.

We will identify, supply and install the correct charging solution for you and will provide end to end project management for your charge points.

Why are businesses switching their fleets to electric vehicles?

  • A significatnt reduction in fuel costs
  • Enhanced capital allowance
  • Lower B.I.K. tax for employees
  • Support yoour CSR objectives
  • No London congestion charge
  • Lower excise duty

Why install a charge point at your workplace?

  • To provide charging for your fleet of electric vehicles
  • To make owning an electric vehicle viable for your employees
  • To boost your environmentally green credentials
  • To accommodate visitors who own an electric vehicle


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