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How Does Solar PV Work?

What is The Feed-In Tariff?

Myth Busting

Is My Home Suitable

 Solar Panel Installers


L&C Installations design and install all types of Solar PV  systems for both residential  and commercial customers. These systems save money on energy bills and give customers access to the financial incentives offered by the Feed in Tariff (FIT)


Energy bills are rising at alarming rates.

Solar Photovoltaic panels will help you to manage your energy costs by using the electricity you generate during daylight hours, reducing the amount you buy from your electricity supplier.


Your energy supplier will pay you for the electricity you generate, whether you use it all or not, this is known as the Feed-In-Tariff.


Reduce your carbon footprint and help keep our natural country green for future generations.


Solar panels are green energy that need very little maintenance.


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Solar PV System Design

Our qualified and knowledgable staff will design a solar PV system that will give you the best possible payback on your investment using quality solar PV panels and Enphase micro inverters.


Why Use Micro Inverters?

Micro inverters are perfect for areas that may suffer from shading or where panels may be hard to keep clean.


With a conventional string inverter the generated amount is limited by any dirty or shaded panels.


Micro inverters fit behind each Solar PV Panel which means that each panel operates independantly, ensuring higher energy production.


There are no DC cables running into your property.


25 year warranty on each inverter


 We are Your Local Installers of Solar Panels in Horley, Crawley, Surrey and Sussex






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