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Voltage optimisation can be offered as part of a Solar PV installation package and when installed can offer significant electrical power savings of up to 20 percent in some cases by controlling the DC voltage supply provided by the solar panels. If you don't have Solar panels you can still benefit from these devices as the information below explains.

What is it and what does it do?

The supply voltage in the UK is around 242 volts. This complies with electricity supply regulations which state that the supply should be 230 volts +/- 10 %. (207V to 253V). All domestic appliances featuring the CE mark are designed to operate within that voltage but critically, the optimum and most efficient supply voltage is 220V.

Any extra power that is not used dissipates as heat and vibration within the appliance, significantly increasing running costs and drastically reducing the lifespan of the appliance, (by up to 90%).

Voltage optimisers act as buffers between the incoming mains supply and the consumers fuseboard, reducing the voltage to 220V which in turn prolongs the life of equipment and saves you money.

Some units also offer surge protection which protects sensitive equipment from damages caused by voltage spikes.

How long do they take to install?

In a typical domestic property these units can be installed within 3 - 4 hours but this is dependant on earthing and bonding requirements within the property.

For commercial applications we would always suggest a site visit to ascertain your exact requirements.

Vphase Voltage Optimisation